“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”

– Zig Ziglar

As unbelievable as it might seem, your thoughts can easily become your reality. If you’re a positive person, you will experience more success than if you are a negative person.

In this way, thoughts are self-fulfilling prophecies.

Look at it this way: If you tell yourself that you’re going to find a salt shaker in your kitchen that you haven’t seen for months, there is a good chance you will actually find it.

If, however, you tell yourself that you won’t find it, you probably won’t find it.

Our expectations affect us immensely, and the prime reason why person A is successful and person B is unsuccessful is because person A is positive and person B is negative.

When it comes down it, negative people are trapped in lives they loathe while positive people are healthy and happy.

If you’re looking for a reason to become happier, let’s take a look at 10 ways positive and negative thinkers see the world differently.

Positive People Read Each Day

Okay, I’m not saying that positive people read each and every single day. But they certainly read most days.

Reading has many benefits that positive people are all too aware of. Reading reduces stress, promotes mental stimulation, expands your knowledge, tightens your memory, improves your analytical thinking skills, enhances your focus and concentration, and opens up your world.

The more knowledge you have, the more power you have. With knowledge, you can change your situation for the better by applying new skills to new jobs and improving the life you have.

Negative People Binge On TV

When a negative person has a solution, they don’t seek to remedy it with knowledge. Not usually. They rarely pick up a book to try and find the answers. Instead, they’ll try to escape their problems by switching on Netflix and binging on a TV box set.

It’s an easy way out. It means they don’t have to confront their issues or make any attempts to actually eradicate them. And as for expanding their knowledge base by reading? They’ll ask “what’s the point? I’ve worked hard and just wanna watch some TV.”

Positive People Admire The Strengths Of Others

A positive person doesn’t picks holes in another persons personality. They don’t put the spotlight on their weaknesses and criticize. Instead, they admire the strengths of others.

Positive people like to surround themselves with like-minded people. But more than that, they like to surround themselves with people who are even more talented than themselves.

This is because they know they can learn a great deal from other people. Always interested in self-improvement, they feed off the wisdom of others.

Negative People Don’t Expand Their World

While positive people are constantly seeking new adventures to open up their eyes and broaden their perspectives, negative people live in their own castles. They surround themselves with familiar things, and rarely leave their comfort zone. They don’t see the point of leaving it. What is the world really going to teach them?

Negative People Want To Keep You At Their Level

Negative people aren’t really proud of other peoples’ achievements. So absorbed by their own failings and weaknesses, they project themselves onto other people.

When a positive person’s friend is making something of their life and moving on to bigger things, the positive person is happy for them. They pat them on the back and wish them luck.

Negative people, however, are anxious. They don’t want their friend to move beyond them. They want to keep them where they are. Having no aspirations themselves, they don’t believe those close to them should have any either.

Negative People Care About Only Themselves

While a positive person will ask you how you are today (and will genuinely care to know the answer), negative people won’t bother. Why? Because they only care about themselves.

You’ll know this if you’ve ever hung around a negative person. They don’t always seem to say a lot until the topic of conversation finally lands on something they enjoy talking about – namely, themselves.

“I just can’t get myself out of a rut,” they lament. And when you offer them advice, they reject it. “It’s no good. It won’t work.”

Positive people, by contrast, don’t even talk about themselves too much. They want to know about YOU and what great things you’re up to!

Positive People Actively Seek Out Constructive Criticism

A negative person gets really defensive when you criticize them even in the slightest and react with a hostile, “What do you know anyway?” attitude.

Positive people, however, welcome aboard all kinds of constructive criticism. In fact, they even seek it out.

Why? Because they always want to better themselves and make improvements. And they know that the best way to do this is by asking other people for their opinion.

Negative People Think All Knowledge Is Fixed

When a positive person fails at something – for example, an exam – they’re not all that downbeat about it. How come? Because they know that they’ve now got a chance to assess where they went wrong and rectify their mistakes.

To positive people, knowledge can be expanded upon all the time, and it’s totally possible to learn new skills.

Negative people, however, will fail at something and give up the ghost straight away. This was a lesson that they have come across something they’re no good at – and never will be.

Positive People Know The Power Of Apologizing

Positive people always say sorry, even when they’re not wrong. This is because they recognize the importance of apologizing. It gives closure to something and allows people to move on.

Negative people, however, are too stubborn to apologize, even when they’re wrong. They refuse and refuse, which prevents anyone from moving forward. It isn’t cool.

Positive People Believe In Themselves To Make A Change

Whereas negative people leave everything up to destiny, insisting they can’t make a change in life because it was never “meant to be” for a person such as them, positive people take the bull by the horns and make things happen.

Positive people are assertive and they recognize their own power. They know they can make a change.