Would you describe yourself as a worrier? Do you always imagine the worst? If so, check out our tips and tricks in this article.

Destructive thinking is real and it can prevent us from living the kind of happy, blissful life we deserve. And just think about that for one second: Destructive thinking – not actions can prevent us from living the life we deserve and desire.

Most of the time – if not all – the depressing scenarios we imagine in our heads never come true. They’re pure fantasy. And yet we let the fantasy restrict what we do.

Picturing bad things happening is a bad habit that debilitates us and consigns us to a predictable, safe life that we’re not exactly enjoying. Instead of taking fate into our own hands and enjoying life, we’re hedging our bets all the time.

Imagine, though, if for once you could stop picturing what might go wrong and instead focus on what could go right. How sweet would that be?

Let’s take a look at 10 tips for people who tend to worry and overthink a lot.

Remember That It Never Happened

That thing you worried about so much? It had never happened did it?

And the thing you worried about after that – you were SO sure that this one WOULD happen. But it didn’t, right?

Realize That You Can’t Control Everything

Worriers love to be in control. They want to be the ones who book the train tickets, make the hotel reservation, decide where everyone is eating, and so on.

But trying to control everything and imagine every single possible outcome and scenario is not only exhausting, it’s also totally impossible.

The unpredictability of life is what makes it so thrilling. If you always knew what would happen, you might feel safe and secure … but wouldn’t you also feel a tad bored?

You can’t be in control all the time. Remember this and learn to give yourself up to the gods. They might have something exciting in store for you.

Accept That You Are Not Your Thoughts

What are worries? Worries are thoughts that have spiralled out of control.

And what are thoughts? Thoughts are just perceptions.

But what are perceptions? Perceptions are how we feel about an experience.

And what is an experience? A thing that just happened. Nothing more.

A worry, then, is your interpretation of an event. And just like a positive person chooses to interpret it positively, you choose to interpret it negatively.

Who is right? No one.

There is no right or wrong. But the positive person sure is in a more resourceful state than you are because they chose to interpret something in a way that would make them feel good.

Stop Trying To Guess Outcomes

Worriers imagine that they have psychic powers and can predict the outcome of everything. You’re not that powerful.

Ask Yourself What’s The Worst Thing That Could Happen

If you’re worried about something, ask yourself what’s the worst thing that could happen. If your response is unrealistic, check yourself and ask if that’s something that actually could happen.

Or if it’s just a case that you’re letting your thoughts run amok.

Often, we picture scenes straight from a disaster movie. But we’re not being entirely rational are we? Check yourself and ask how realistic you’re being here.

Look For References

They say that if we’ve done something once, we can do it again.

Similarly, if someone else has done what you want to do, why can’t you?

If someone has moved to another country, why can’t you? Why does disaster only await YOU?

Find someone who has done what it is you’re afraid of and then find out how they handled the situation. What did they do that helped them to achieve positive results?

Take Small Steps

Sometimes, our worries put the brakes on us doing something we really want to do. For example, if you want to visit Australia but are scared of flying, your fear might forever prevent you from reaching Australia.

But often, we don’t act because the thing we want to do seems so overwhelming.

Of course flying to Australia will be overwhelming to someone who is scared of flying. But this is why it’s so important to take small steps. Instead of making Australia the be-all and end-all, take the little steps that help you chisel away at your fear. Take a small flight first. Ease yourself into it.

Sometimes, we get too extreme about things and adopt an all-or-nothing approach. We forget about the process.

Look For The Solutions

A big reason why we overthink things is that we’re always stuck on the problem.

Positive, successful people don’t dwell on problems. They spot the problem, acknowledge it, and immediately set about finding a solution.

Worriers, on the other hand, always dwell on the problem. And it prevents you from finding a solution.

There is a solution to everything in life. Instead of focusing on why something happened and the fact that it sucks, focus on what you can do to change your situation around.

Avoid Fellow Worriers

When worriers get together, things never end well!

Live In The Present Moment

Worriers are very bad at living in the present moment. They’re either in the past, where regret and hurt lies, or in the future, where total disaster awaits. Very rarely will you find them in the present moment, where peace and harmony reigns.

Positive people are the total opposite. They know that life is for living. It isn’t for worrying about what might not even happen. They know it’s all about taking advantage of the present moment!

Ever worried that it’s going to rain on your birthday and ruin your plans? Perhaps you check the weather forecast, which tells you it’s definitely going to rain on your birthday.

Sucks, yes. But what about today and tomorrow, when it IS sunny? Are you going to waste the sunshine just now because a storm is going to appear on your birthday?

Don’t live in the future. Live in the here and now and enjoy every moment you have. The future will take care of itself.